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Sex is beautiful. Sex is free. Sex is open. Sex is non-discriminative. Sex is positive. Sex is creative. Sex is equal. Sex is human. Sex is spiritual.

The primary goal of the Faculty of Sex is to create a more open and acceptable society on sex. It is our reading that the sexual suppression, tensions and ignorance in our island nation affects the political, social and cultural spheres of the country as a whole. In other words, if a more sexually free society could be created, many of our other socio-political crises would disappear. On one hand, we live in a society that promotes hypocrisy which suppresses sex in the name of empty morality. Because of this, the problems faced by gay and transgender communities are huge. The crises faced by sex workers who fulfil a hidden need in the society is disgraceful. There are countless occasions where young people encountering with unwanted pregnancies pay with their lives. Many young people are driven to religious and racist extremes by the pressures of their simple human pleasures being trapped. Although there are many activities that are discussed about in this regard, they do not take place in a way that is perceptible to the general public. Deep rooted social change is seldom addressed through efforts which are subject-oriented or have a distant language and cultural approach. This is because these approaches are not dynamic at the level of the masses, and demonstrates points of transformation where they can change, from where they are touched through real life.

Our aim is not to preach to the people through aristocratic language dialogues. Rather, it is the transformation of sexuality into a more romantic, respectable, enjoyable, humane mode of cultural pleasure. In other words, a cultural revolution through sex. Transforming sex from the point of view of fulfilling a mere need to open the space to experience sex and romance as an art and avenue of transcendence. It is to open the door for Sri Lankans to connect with the world through the door of sexuality, which is common to all human beings, and to live a life free from narrow limitations and boundaries.

In this work we will eliminate all forms of discrimination. Our goal is to transcend all barriers, not only in form of gender, but also linguistic, class, high and low, pleasurable, good and bad. The Faculty of Sex is dedicated to the advancement of human thinking, vision, and lifestyle, as well as to the creation of social relationships that are trained in love, openness, and acceptance.

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