“Wake up Beautiful.” I heard him say after I felt a wet kiss on my forehead.

Time spent with him was like the fragrance of 100 roses inhaled at once. He was a like a drug and I was addicted to him. His smile melted me & I couldn’t be mad at him for long, because he’d always make a fool of himself to make me laugh.

I was in my deep thoughts about our bond and him when I felt another wet kiss on my forehead, instantly the next one on my eyes, then on the cheeks and a final one with his lips resting on mine. He let his lips rest on mine for some time and then said in his most sweet voice, “Now get up baby, or else we will be late. It is 6 sharp and if you don’t get up now, I promise you’ll miss our ‘together bath’. So darling if you don’t want to miss that stuff get up right now. I am in the washroom waiting for you…. Come within 5 minutes or I’ll take a bath and get ready on my own.” He left and went inside the washroom as soon as he finished with what he was saying.

I got up with a jerk from the bed right in the next instant coz I did not want to miss that god damn sexy shit, knowing he’d say anything to get my lazy arrogant ass out of bed

I brushed my teeth at the basin attached to the wall adjoining the washroom door. Next I quickly took my sexy blue towel along with my panties, an oversized cute T-shirt of his, Then went near the washroom door and stared down at the nob of the door. Even after having spent a lot of time with him like this, I felt shy in doing things on my own.

I was still staring the nob when suddenly I felt a slight motion in it. He opened the washroom door and without seeing grabbed my hand and pulled me inside, as if he knew where I was standing and locked the door from inside.

“Why do you still feel so shy beautiful? We have been together for so long and have had these deep and intimate moments together…so why do you still feel so shy?”

I didn’t have an answer to his question moreover I felt shy and my cheeks grew warmer…I was blushing!

I said nothing and laid my head on his chest and nuzzled. As I did that, I inhaled his fragrance again…Damn feels like home, I wanted to love him so much. I inhaled more deeply and his grip became tighter. He let his hand slip down from my shoulders to my lower…inside…more deep down until his hands were touching my hips. His bare hands cupped my naked hips and he pressed them lightly.

After doing that for some time he brought his hands out slowly and cupped my cheeks with love and kissed my forehead. Then he placed a soft kiss on my lips and then slid down kissing my neck. I felt his wet lips on my neck as he kissed me. Then he started opening the first two buttons of my shirt with one hand, still kissing my neck. He unbuttoned two of the topmost buttons and kissed my collar bone deeply. Sucking them.

Slowly, he unbuttoned the rest of the buttons with one of his hand, with the other, he held me by my waist and his lips were now on mine….kissing me deeply…passionately.

He was so expert in doing all this….he had to be of course…as he did it every day…so there was no doubt about him being an expert…

After undressing me, he undressed himself quickly without delaying as he knew that our sensual bath would need time and then of course we would be late, so he made it quickly.

He filled the bath tub with warm water and then picked me up in his arms, took me to the bath tub and let me sit in there comfortably. Then he got my favorite neon green colored loofah and the strawberry body wash. He came near and kissed on my nose then smiled.

He was really cute and I couldn’t resist myself from saying it. ” I love you Chamika ? , I love you so much.”

“I love you too my little baby girl. I fucking love you so much baby.”

“I fucking love you”

“I love fucking you too.” he winked

“Me too, my love”, I said

He squeezed a little amount of the body wash on the loofah and kept the body wash back in its place, then returned smiling.

Then he slowly rubbed my shoulders with the foam and drizzled some water on them.

He leaves feathered like kisses on my shoulder and down to the breasts.

The warm water wasn’t as hot as our sensual bath that we had and were having.

Slowly he rubbed my back with the foamed loofah twice and then dropped it in the water.

Putting my hair flick behind my ear he came close and whispered in my ears in his sexy voice, “baby, I wanna fuck you so badly. Just today baby, I promise we’ll attend the classes from tomorrow regularly. Chamika promises!” He says

“umm…so you are saying that the prince and her princess will stay back home today and make love and bunk the classes…right?”

“Please baby…. please….”, he said making a puppy face.

He looked so innocent and cute and I wanted to kiss him.

“So… You want this to be done only for, today right?”

“Yes sweet heart… I promise we’ll attend the classes from tomorrow…regularly…. promise”

“Baby, I think we should permanently quit college and stay here making deep passionate love forever.”

“Are you serious or kidding me?”, he asked in a confused voice.

I smiled at his expressions. “Darling, I am serious. Even I want to fuck you so badly right now. Let’s bunk today and just make lots and lots of love together.”

Both of us smiled then he bent forward and kissed my lips deeply

I grabbed him by his waist and put my hand inside.

My touch instantly made him calm and he let out a sigh of relief. Then I let my hand slip down and held his dick. I could feel him getting chills, but I thought to act ‘naughtier’.O

So….I let the devil inside me come out. I rubbed his dick playfully with my fingers and heard him moan slightly. Then I left my grip and pulled his lower down, opening it “Naughty girl. I love you so much baby”

I cut his line and shut his mouth with a deep kiss, not letting him speak further. He kissed me back passionately and held me by my naked waist and pulled me closer to him, pressing his chest against me. I unbuttoned his shirt while still kissing him. After all I too was learning to be an expert like him.

Once I was done with the unbuttoning of his shirt, he let it drop down on the floor. This made him completely nude. He pushed me back towards the wall slowly still kissing and pressed me against the wall. We were so damn sexy close. He pressed his chest against my breasts and kissed me more deeply. Then he held my hands up high against the wall and kissed more passionately.

This was fucking sexy.

He pressed his dick against my center and rubbed it along my opening. I got chills and deep fucking desires to be loved more.

He broke the kiss slowly and kissed my nose


He loosened his grip on my hands and kissed my neck while cupping my breast. He kissed my neck, then sucked the collar bone deeply and slowly went down kissing my bare chest and sucked my breasts. He sucked them for some more time then kissed my lips softly. Then he picked me up and took me to the bath tub.

The water had cooled down when he had gone down stairs so I had refilled the tub with more warm water.

He then got the foamed loofah and rubbed it all over my body gently, holding each part of my body with passion and love. Then he handed the loofah to me and said in his sexy voice, “It’s your turn now baby. Go for it. Wash me the way you like.”

I stared him in his eye with deep desires and then dropped the loofah in the water. I moved closer to him and held his dick again, inside the warm waters. I rubbed it with one of my hands and let the other find its way around his neck. I pulled him close and kissed his chest, then his neck and ended on his lips. I planted a small kiss on his lips then moved away slightly and got my grip on the soap on the rack near the tub. Then gently putting the water on his bare chest, I rubbed the soap all over his body sexually and foaming the soap more.

I pulled him closer again and pressed our naked bodies against each other’s. Then he held my waist and kissed me deeply, slowly letting his fingers dig into my opening. I moaned a bit but this always gave a pleasurable feeling. He moved his fingers deeper and deeper inside and pulled me closer to his body.

I moaned and he moved his fingers more deeper again. Then he kissed me and we washed the foam away with the water by rubbing our bodies against each other’s and pouring the water onto them.

He rubbed his dick playfully against my pussy and washed the foam there.

Once the foam had been removed and our bodies had been cleaned, we dried each other with the towels. Then he wrapped a towel around me and picked me up in his arms.

We were now in our room and he laid me down on the bed. He gently unwrapped the towel making me nude again.

He then laid next to me and pressed my breasts lightly, licked and kissed them many times. He kissed and sucked my collar bone and neck too

My perspective

I knelt in front of her parted legs, her pink puffy pussy looked so inviting, her puffy pussy lips parted naturally revealing tiny moist clit in between.

“I like it when you slide your finger up and down slowly over my pussy lips.” She demonstrated with her finger.

I pleasure her exactly the way she showed me.

‘Am I doing it right?” I asked, my finger cautiously sliding up and down between her moist clit.

“Uuuuuh huuuuuh.” She replied softly with her eyes closed soaking in the pleasure.

“Your pussy feels so soft”

“That’s because of your talented finger, now do it like this.” she guided my moist finger slowly into her tiny slit, moving my wet finger in and out few times before letting go.

She started creaming my finger as I continued thrusting in and out of her in slow steady motions. She was very relaxed, her eyes closed, she was hissing and letting out loud sigh of pleasure.

I started doing the same pulling and kneading gently on her very excited clit, instinctively I started rubbing on it and continued fingering her at the same time.

I continued thrusting my sobbing finger in and out in slow steady motions, suddenly she started writhing her hips very urgently and moaning out very loud, I responded speeding up my thrusting motions while licking the clit from my tongue.

“Don’t stop… Don’t stop…baby”

“That’s it… Just like that… Just like that…”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh…” She cried out.

I felt her sobbing pussy clenched tightly around my finger before her body tensed up and started convulsing from very intense orgasm.

“You feel so tight and wet.” I said, with my finger still bury inside her warm wetness.

By now my rock-hard cock was on fire from playing with my baby girls tight wet pussy. My fat cock was peeping out and wanting very bad to plunge into the depth of her warm wetness.

“I haven’t forgotten about you,” she said, looking at my fat cock with so much eagerness in her eyes.

“I have to admit I have a very needy pussy, and also I have a very greedy pussy.” She pulled out my thick long cock and plunged it right into her seething pussy, her eyes grew wide as my fat cock tunneled into her stretching her tight hole wide open.

“Oh, yesssss, you feel so good inside me,”

“I love the way you crammed so tightly inside me.” She was dripping with lust.

I started sawing in and out of her slowly, her pussy clenched tightly around my cock that she started milking me every time when I thrust in and out of her. Her tight pussy was bringing me closer to the edge with every stroke


He got up and walked to my draw and grabbed my vibrator and walked back. He turned my vibrator on and gently rubbed it against my pussy lips. “S-sstop teasing m-me” he smirked. He turned my vibrator up all the way and massaged my pussy.

going back to one of my beauties, only this time going for my nipple licking and sucking on it as his other hand is busy with my other one. Cham throws my head back placing a hand on his head and pushing him down. I really prefer his mouth working on my pussÿ.

Cham hisses as he feels me already very wet.

“You’re so wet baby.” He speaks

Bending down again he connects his tongue with my clit after spreading my legs. It starts slow and all the way up, repeating his motion a couple of times more. Cham lets out a shaky breath, already feeling the pleasure of him eating me out. I once again places my hand on his head, pushing him more into myself. My moans gave Cham the wanting of making me scream his name

I fucking love him……

He bent down and took out his fingers, then started licking my pussy. Gently he licked my inner lips and then moved his tongue inside. He licked more and I moaned more while he kept licking my vagina.

It was a really hot and sensual moment that we were sharing.

“Fuck me…. right now,”, I ordered moaning.

“Any way baby…. but just fuck me hard and deep. Right now, please.”, I begged. I wanted to fuck him so badly I wanted him to fuck the living soul out of me.

Then he laid on top of me and kissed me deeply while rubbing his dick against my opening.

It’s always a pleasurable experience and I feel to be loved and fucked more after that.

Then he patted his dick on my vagina…. Aaahh… That’s so fuckingly delightful.

Then he digged his fingers again inside my vagina in an ‘in-and-out’ fashion…. deeper and deeper.

“You’re so big,” I think to myself; I’ll always love how he makes me feel at times like this.

I moaned with pleasure. He did that so well. I wanted him to do it every time…. all the time.

He leaped towards me and kissed me deeply. He started rubbing and patting his penis on my vagina. Then slowly he let it dive in my Centre…….he kissed me and let his penis move inside my vagina….deeper and harder.

I felt multiple orgasms throughout my body. He slid back into me and fucked me again. But this time it was more powerful. Every thrust got deeper and harder.

His moan snaps me back to reality, only now realizing he’s moving more faster, our bodies making a clapping sound as they jam into each other.

“Fuck, you feel so… fucking… good” he says moving with the words.

Bending down a little he wraps his free arm around my breasts, gripping my left one and squeezing it. “Come for me baby, scream my name.” He whispers on my ear, his movement growing faster and sloppier.

My perspective

Don’t cum yet… Baby… this feels so good…”

“Your big cock feels so good inside me.”

“Yesssss… Cream my needy pussy… I’m so wet for you…”

“Yessss… Fuck that pussy… Fuck it hard…”

“Make me cum again…” She cried out.

I continued my assault on her seething pussy that was creaming uncontrollable over my already very wet cock. I had to admit I really enjoyed fucking her tight slippery hole, I was slamming my body hard against her and she lifted her hip and thrusting back at me in time with my fucking.

She enjoyed doing this because my body would slam and rubbed against her very hot clit and at the same time ravishing my thick cock positioning in and out of her making loud wet sticky noise.

“Yesssss…. Make me cum… Make me cum…” She cried out in deep short breathe.

“ I’m going to cum…” I groaned.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh…” She screamed, her body started convulsing, her pussy clenched tighter around my poor cock.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh… Fuckkkkk…” I grunted deeply.

I blasted thick ropes of molten cum deep inside her, I kept spraying my hot seed painting her vaginal wall and flooding her hot canal.

“Don’t pull out… Leave it in there.”

“You feel so good inside me.” She purred.

 “Thank you for pleasuring my pussy…”


He pounded harder and harder and deeper and deeper, not stopping. Even I didn’t want him to stop. I loved him and loved fucking him.

We made love all noon and then slept like that…. with his penis in…..in my pussy.

He really makes me a happy woman every day. As he lays in bed, looking at me in my eyes and telling me that he loves me 😉